Axial flow fans

  • TV Axial Flow Fans are designed to cover wide range of air flow capacity and pressures so as to suit.
  • Problems such as general ventilation, fume exhaust and removal of hotspots can be solved.
  • TV fans cover a wide range of air quantities from 3000 cubic meter per hour to 40000 cubic metre per hour.
  • TV fans have cast aluminium alloy impellers with high efficiency aero-foil section blades.
  • These Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth and vibration free operation.
  • TV Axial flow fans are manufactured in single phase and three phase based on the design.
  • TV Axial flow fans are tailor made to suit Client’s requirements.
  • TV Axial flow fans can be supplied in AD(Duct mounting), AW (wall mounting) and BD (belt driven) arrangements.